About us


We make t-shirts! (and polo’s and hoodies and …) Our team is highly creative, so we have a variety of concepts that bring our customers customised and beautiful clothing -always fair trade and environmentally friendly!

  1. Your own merchandise t-shirt shop: for everybody who wants to sell clothing with their logo/design on their website, blog or Facebook.
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  2. Company clothing: for companies that want fair and environmentally friendly clothing.
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  3. T-shirt brands: for the t-shirt lovers that want to create their own t-shirt brand.
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Trezzle intends to work with companies, designers and artists to ensure that fair trade and organic clothing will become the standard of the clothing industry. For this, we have developed the easiest and most efficient webshop for Fairtrade and organic clothing, which makes it possible to create your own (merchandise) clothing shop, to sell clothing online.

Trezzle also offers Fairtrade clothing, to companies willing to contribute to fair working conditions and the lowest environmental load within the clothing industry. Trezzle also develops its own clothing brands that are present in the international market.

Along with all parties involved Trezzle wants to build a thriving commercial and social network in order to deliver high quality and honest products. Service is key, both to the shop-owners, businesses and of course the consumers. They are the ambassadors of Trezzle and for fair and high-quality clothing!